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0 cookie(s) ● Friday, June 1, 2012 ● 9:26 AM
You know what is Life ? Life is when you know someone that can make you live. K, I got parents, family, teachers, neighbourhood, dear facebookers and yeah, C R U S H (:

Crush ? Yeah, I have one. Idk if he like me too. But I totally like him. Love ? Ouh no. I LIKE HIM. Yeah, I like him :')

Idk if he nak ke tak the type of girl like me but yeahh, wanna know who's the real Aisya ? Come on babe, let's read this cool story.

She was born in 31st July 1999 at General Hospital of Malacca.......

- troll face -

Lol, k I have another story.

She loves stupidphotography-ing. Loves romantic and action movies like Snow White and the Huntsman. Loves Ribena. Err ?

K, what type of boy do I want ?

# I got nothing to say anymore. K take care, goodbye :*

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